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NL – Ik heb op dit moment twee stukken geschreven over mijn privélessen.
Dit zijn ze:
M Yoga & Coaching (met Liefdeseend)
Privéyoga voor vrienden. En zij die dat willen worden
Deze pagina is verder in het Engels.



This is my “can’t NOT have that on my site”, page.
The “What if someone’s seriously looking for private yoga and encounters my writer’s site?” solution.
My way of saying:
“Yes, I know.”
“Yes, yes, I do know!”
Because this site is everything a regular page on private yoga is not. And that’s probably because I m everything a private yoga teacher is not.
(I think!)
First of all, I m not a private yoga teacher.
I m a hybrid of three things;
1. A writer, predominantly under my pen name, where I ve published 10 books. I write up to eight hours a day, including all the things I write because I am:
2. An entrepreneur. My company M Yoga is the umbrella company both for my writing biz and for teaching yoga.
3. I’m a
 yoga teacher.
Have been that since 2003, and I had a meltdown in 2018.
After I was fully healed I resumed teaching, but this time privates only.
No more group classes.

You see, as good as I am with 1-on-1 (I have superb relationships!) that’s how awkward I feel in groups. That was not the reason I had a meltdown in 2018, but when I recovered I did know there was room for improvement on the teaching front.
And so I switched from group to private.
But that’s just the beginning of why this site is not your regular
“Come do private yoga with me” 
Because I did a major discovery that has allowed me to become good at relationships.
The secret is this:
The only thing that’s real, is human connection.
Not expectations, not rules, not form. Not systems, not diplomas, not agreements.
In the end, the only thing that’s going to determine the experience of our time together are two things.
And me.
Which is why this site is not about yoga, but about me.
And why I would like you to tell me, all about you.
And why our private yoga class, will be about us.


Private yoga for friends. And those who want to become one.

I teach yoga at my basement studio and on Friday we can also work at a large dance studio, both are in the inner city of Nijmegen.

The reason I ve named it yoga for friends, is because to me the most important thing is that it feels light and expansive to both of us.
Like a friendship.

A private yoga class consists of:
15 minutes meet and greet, and how you’re doing, and where you could access more energy.
45 minutes of yoga
15 minuten long relaxation/ yoga nidra

mail me at Suzanne

Just like with my other friends, I don’t plan far ahead, and prefer spontaneity. 

A yoga class (75 minutes) costs € 110 including 9% VAT


I teach yoga on YouTube. If you browse back in time you can even find my English videos

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