Rock Star Yoga

This Rock Star Yoga page had many forms. 
Should I create a new all-English site?
(update! I did! It’s here!)
Because even though I started my YouTube series Rock Star Yoga in Dutch, I soon discovered I had little to say about it in Dutch.

I m bilingual and some things just don’t rock in Dutch. 
Unsurprisingly, Rock Star yoga was one of them.
And another reason this page/ new website got postponed until I had my life sorted out (ever tried to wait for that? Answer is always “never”!) was because I didn’t have good photos of myself.
I gained quite some pounds over the years, and my latest pr shoot was for my pen name account AND I was wearing a winter-coat!
I ve already lost the first 6 kilos or something, just by finding my purpose alone. But my weight was another reason I just couldn’t decide on this page.
Shouldn’t I make promo photos?
But then wouldn’t I rather wait until my new yoga had kicked in and shed the pounds? 

Or would I ignore my current body and simply use my Rock Star Yoga photo from 2015?
Because that’s how old the idea was. And I had a fabulous pre-pounds rock star yoga photo.

But nah.
It felt just inauthentic.
Then another idea sprung to mind!
Shall I perhaps… (I already got excited)…. shall I dare to 
A weight-loss challenge with a grainy before selfie that I could just take on this hot Saturday since I was already in bikini. And in two months I would totally have nailed it and flaunt my super flashy studio “after” shots!
And in the meantime I would blog daily and build an audience with my captivating transformation and and and!
Hold on!
Just a minute!
It took a while before I realized I was taking this whole concept Rock Star Yoga WAY (and I mean way!) too seriously. And doing all the things which I didn’t want yoga to be about.

I didn’t want yoga to be tied to a business model (this is entrepreneurial for a yoga teacher getting paid).
I didn’t want you to do yoga because you wanted a certain outcome.
I didn’t want to sell rock star yoga – not the ideology nor the methodology, or myself.
All I wanted to do was say:
“Hey! You know what I found, 20 years into yoga? That my first two years were the strongest, and that I got swayed from the path by the ridiculous idea that other people knew more about my yoga than I did.
And then I lost everything.
My business.
My yoga practice.
The only thing I gained was 15 kilo.
So don’t do like me.”
That’s all I wanted to say.
And I wanted to write as little as possible!
After being a writer for 13 years, I look frantically for ways to minimize it and only use it for things which are of extreme artistic value or contribute massively to my personal growth.
For this blog that is my cartoon Love Duckie – although he has not written in a long time either, sadly.
But he’s allowed to, I love him, and I hope we get him back.
But to spend time writing daily blog posts about diets and exercise? That had to count as the worst plan of 2019.
So if Rock Star Yoga is not a marketing term to get in summer shape; If it’s not where I sell you things and if it’s not something that I m going to dedicate an entire website and URL to, then what is it?
It’s an invitation to join me on a journey and find what was lost. 
To the vision that started my yoga, long before I actually did yoga.
To the yoga practice that soon became a self-practice when I hardly knew anything but that didn’t stop me.
It’s about believing in yourself and not letting other people keep you from designing a fun daily yoga practice that could last you lifetime.
My light bulb moment came at a Bon Jovi concert, which was the best day of my life. In those 2 hours and 20 minutes I not just reached enlightenment: I also received all the information that I needed for the second half of my life.
Rock Star Yoga was part of that.
I share Rock Star Yoga on my YouTube channel. 
Where I film on my couch at home, and support you on your way to do whatever you please, on your yoga mat.
On the photo you see me, with my cat Flip.
My other feline is Zaza. They have been with me for 7 weeks now, and they are the foundation of my newly found happiness.

And then two weeks ago, Bon Jovi came to the Goffert Park here in Nijmegen, and I just absorbed every second.
And received my second yoga calling.
Create your own yoga.
And believe in yourself.
That is Rock Star Yoga.


Rock Star Yoga is a free yoga coaching program on YouTube.
If you don’t want to make up your entire yoga :) there’s plenty of ways to do yoga at home, online. Check YouTube for Yoga with Adriene, Yoga with Kassandra, or Five Parks Yoga.
Dutch/Nederlands search for, also containing 4 of my beginners courses.

If you want support from me,
I offer private classes in Nijmegen.

Private class Rock Star Yoga
Nijmegen                                  75 minutes               € 125 *    

6 private classes Rock Star Yoga            € 675 *         ( within 15 weeks, dates set in advance )

Book at:

*) Fees include 9% VAT and are for Mon- Fri 09.00 – 17.00 (end time)
Nighttime classes are
+ 15%

If you have any questions you can email me,
or call at +31 (0)24 844 42 40 

See you soon. 
And keep rocking.